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Winter Starts to Gain Grip in Delhi

skyNew Delhi, Wednesday, November 9 – Sudden change in weather is giving the hint of upcoming winter season these days. To a certain extent, the smog is cleared by the wind blowing in speed. Sky is supposed to stay clear for the remaining days of the week.

People are feeling the mild chill at present and this is supposed to increase further. The gust is likely to add to the shiver. It is to blow at the pace of 16 km per hour today, adding to the cold. There is no prediction of rain which makes it clear that haze will stay for some more days. Mercury may dip to a few notches.

Maximum and minimum temperatures in the national capital for this week are supposed to vary in the range of 29 degree Celsius & 31 degree Celsius and 13 degree Celsius & 16 degree Celsius, respectively. Doctors are advising populace to dress properly and start putting on some warm clothes in view of the fact that careless attitude could be responsible for making them fall sick. To steer clear of untimely seasonal sickness, thin layer must be worn. Say no to the outside food and prefer eating freshly made home cuisines since nothing can beat its nutrition, flavor and cleanliness.

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