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Why No Strict Policies to Curb Pollution?

polNew Delhi, Monday, November 7 – Delhi people are in puzzle post waking up to mornings that are full of haze. The picture came into being a little bit before Diwali. Smoke from crackers has made populace strive for breathing in clean air.

Why couldn’t be there any strict policies to curb pollution, which is increasing health problems every new day? Here is to mention that the capital city is witnessing worst air quality of the season. All schools of Delhi have been closed from Monday to Wednesday, keeping in mind the kids’ health.

The step is welcomed by the teachers. But a major question arises here is that do we all expect everything to be done from the end of the government. What do the common people take a back seat when small moves from their part can bring substantial change?

Despite being aware of the fact that how dangerous air has turned, many could not stop themselves from bursting crackers during chhatt puja. The bad air of the surroundings is made worst. Why we wait for severe actions from the concerned authorities.

If people stop bursting fireworks, a lot can be done to make surroundings good for living. Pollution of crackers is dangerous for pregnant women as well. Office goers are facing trouble by untimely smog, which is also causing irritation in the eyes. It is the time to think before it’s too late and do our bit.

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