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When Will Rapes Stop in India?

rapeNew Delhi, Thursday, March 19 – No end to rising rapes cases in India points to a horrifying mentality and mindset of the culprits. The recent rape case of a 71-year-old nun in West Bengal late last week shocked the nation. What could be more shameful that this incident for anyone? Women are bound to live in a fearful environment. Despite the fact that state governments promise of providing indispensable safety to girls as early as possible, teenagers, college goers, housewives and even grannies feel themselves unsafe mentally both in and outside home.

The actual figures of rapes, abduction and molestation are far bigger than what reported in police stations. Due to threat warnings, many women couldn’t gather the courage to file case against the main accused. Whether one talks about metropolitan cities or small district, situations of ladies belonging to different age groups almost remain the same. This cites a fact that it is men’s good or bad frame of mind that is the real problem and makes things easy or difficult of women at least in Indian society.

Rather than asking girls to dress properly, people must ask their boys to concentrate on other stuffs, which could help them rise as a better person. Instead of being moral police, men should have the courage to accept it is their mentality that makes them be evaluative all the time. Who gave them the right to be judgmental about girls just by giving a glance over their clothing patterns? Why not to watch their own steps?

Here is to mention that rapes have nothing got to do with one’s dressing style and age. Gang-rape of an elderly nun is a recent example of this. Young women come to a new place to pursue further education and do job in eminent companies. However, misconducts of stubborn males at different areas disturb them to a great extent. The countrymen haven’t forgotten ‘Damini’s incident yet. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that December 16, 2012, is a black day in the history of India.

If a latest report is to be trusted then around 90 women are sexually harassed in the country every day. Perhaps the time has come when needful changes should be done in the law so that culprits are sent behind the bars and get as much severe punishment as possible.

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