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Weather Conditions Enter in Phase of Transition in Various Parts

climate2New Delhi, Friday, November 4 – Mercury has been steadily dropping, bringing the cold feel into the picture. This will increase with each passing day as soon as time for peak winter season arrives. People of the national capital are having horrendous time these days due to rise in smog, making the air unclean.

People are walking amid smog post covering their faces most of the times. Same story appears to continue for long until rain does not lash streets over and over again; chances of which are nil at the present time.
The worst haze in Delhi in nearly 17 years has caused health scare, forcing people of all age groups to opt for preventive measures to avoid problems caused by air pollution.

Many are complaining about dryness in eyes, troubles in breathing, the feel of nausea, loss of sleep, heart stroke etc.  post Diwali. It was hard for the residents of Delhi to inhale fresh air. City hospitals have started to deal with patients suffering from the problems that came into being post unseasonal haze. To get rid of health issues, more than a few inhabitants have started to take appointments with doctors. As per weather reports, the surroundings are to get colder. The sun isn’t shining at its full gleam, letting the cold find some ground.

The hint of lowering temperature at a snail’s pace seems to be turning true. People are waking up to hazy sky. For the reason that there is no indication of rainfall in the coming weeks, things are likely to turn highly troublesome for daily commuters and particularly the kids who have to attend schools since pollution is not to diminish in a short while. November started on a slight wintry note. Slight up and down in temperature is anticipated. According to a latest report on climate, it is supposed that winter will follow its old patter this year, making populace face foggy mornings often in December and January.

Temperature is soon to drop a few notches by the end of this month. The change in weather can be felt before and after the sunset. As of Friday, Delhi will see maximum temperature of 31 degree Celsius and minimum temperature of 16 degree Celsius, respectively. The mob knows it very well that upcoming winter season is to show its harsh face in the coming days. Humidity percent will not be high, offering a bit of relief as it is to vary between 38 per cent and 44 per cent.

Abundant sunshine at some point of time will bring back the feel of hot climate. Speed of the wind today is to be 10 km per hour. Climatic conditions are slowly changing and would not be a problem for living creatures in the near term. However, same can’t be said as soon as the month of November ends. Demand for room heating equipment at home, the power guzzlers, is to increase after a while. The health experts guide populace to step outside with effective measures so that dangerous air can’t be inhaled. Those who walk early morning and post dinner have to be careful on this part otherwise problems related to breathing can be faced.

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