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Wake Up Fresh Post a Power Nap during Noontime, Says Research

sleepNew Delhi, Thursday, January 8 – Nothing could be better than a short-time power nap during the midday as it works as best tonic to boost mental strength and health. Many people think taking a small sleep during the noon a bad habit, however, if a latest study is to be believed then a siesta of 25 to 30 minutes has more than a few health advantages.

A power nap motivates people work properly with increased focus, it mentioned while describing the benefits in depth. Given that the brain gets required relaxation and break from unwanted stress during the short siesta, learning capacity of the mind increases. To lie-down on the beds for several hours must be avoided as it can make working populace and the homemakers lazy. A healthy doze is yet important. Forty winks are necessary when the eyes, body and soul need proper rest.

An undisturbed sleep for half an hour is helpful to refill new energy in the body. To get rid of sleeping disorders, consultation of health experts must be sought. Moreover, a glass of lukewarm milk and foot massage at night can bring magical change in one’s life, the research revealed further.

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