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Veggies Pinch Customers’ Pocket after Unseasonal Rain Affects Production

veggie newNew Delhi, Thursday, March 26 – Unexpected rise and fall trend is one of the common scenarios in Indian vegetable market. If food inflation is down then situations are under control for the homemakers, however, vice-versa condition is troublesome given that its impact could last a tad longer than anticipated after keeping in mind the climatic conditions and total output.

If current picture of grocery shops and wholesale vegetable & fruit market is to be painted then the masses get puzzled what to buy and what to leave in the store. This is thanks to unevenness in the cost of veggies per kilogram. Compromising on the quantity is not a new practice in a number of households given that despite splurging, people go back home with only a few vegetables, which aren’t adequate to meet family’s requirement.

Even though the cost of tomato, potato and onions remains feasible and these being sold at around Rs 30, Rs 10 and Rs 35, respectively, soaring rates of veggies have always been a problem, pinching customers’ pocket to an unimaginable extent. Lady finger is nowadays most expensive as being offered at a price of Rs. 100.  Peas are costing at Rs. 50 per kilo. Mushrooms, ridge gourd, capsicum etc. are also up. Due to quick transition in weather conditions in the last few weeks, a variety of kitchen staples are slowing getting out of one’s reach. People expect prices to cool down soon and that is important to save hard-earned money.

Customers are turning selective provided that cost of carrots, cucumber, radish and green vegetables is mounting, restricting them to relish the flavors and meet nutrition required by body with a little amount. French beans, pumpkins, sweet potato, cauliflower, cabbage, brinjal, bottle & bitter gourd are ready to disturb the kitchen budget to a great extent. As a matter of fact, many consumers do not want prices to burn a hole in their pocket by getting those veggies which reduce in quantity after cooking and fail to fill hungry stomachs. This is the reason why attention is poured on the eatables which can be stored for several weeks without losing quality, texture and taste.

If a report is to be trusted then unseasonal rain early this month has made more than a few veggies to get pricier and scenario is probable to last for next two weeks. Since rain damaged the standing crops in the fields, supply also got affected. Due to the lack of desired output in the crops producing states, costs of various edible greens has gone up without any prior notice. Vendors are left with no option but to sell  the produce at higher price as the profit margin isn’t impressive. In the midst of swinging situation in the wholesale and retail market, it is not very simple for customers to comprehend what all to buy that should keep body feel energetic as long as possible.

It is impossible to take off eyes the reality that middle and lower class inhabitants are facing a little bit difficultly to make apt selection for the reason that consumption is up but resources are not enough. Residents wish government to take measures which could keep things simple despite bad production and other issues which let prices to surge all of a sudden without any indication.

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