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Vegetables Turn Pricey Post Sudden Showers in Capital

vegetable price in DelhiNew Delhi, Monday, March 16 – Sudden showers in the national capital have made vegetables a bit pricey within a short span of time. Despite the fact that common kitchen staples like tomato, potato and onions saw a slight increase, other vegetables were sold at a higher rate in various parts of Delhi, disturbing household budget to a certain extent.

More frequent rain in the city has reportedly damaged the standing crops in the fields, adding to the problems for the farmers. Besides this, the supply also got affected thanks to untimely precipitation and unpredictable climatic conditions. Since vendors did not get the prompt output, they were left with no option but to sell veggies at an augmented rate. Turnips, spinach, peas, capsicum, mushrooms, cauliflower, cabbage, cucumber, beetroot, bottle gourd, bitter gourd, baby corns, carrots, squash and lady finger etc. saw increase in the cost. Many chose to leave them in the market only due to unaffordable range.

“We weren’t prepared to shell out hefty sums for some kilograms of vegetables to meet family’s nourishment. Such rapid hikes in the price per kg are adequate to compel us plan our budget once again before coming to wholesale vegetable & fruit market”, said a few homemakers who dropped the idea of buying a variety of vegetables and went back to home after compromising on the quantity. Almost same sort of issues were faced by the populace residing in different cities wherein downpour was witnessed at different time intervals. Situations are supposed to be unchanged in the coming weeks as rain may play spoilsport further as well.

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