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Sunshine Comforts Populace in Delhi; Fog Affects Rail & Air Traffic

fog-1New Delhi, Monday, December 5 – When winter month arrives, people get set for witnessing haze often. But in the midst of changing climatic conditions in most of the regions, Delhiites are enjoying the heat after observing foggy mornings recently. The weather has been clear from past two days though train and air traffic are getting affected.

Nobody expected to get the comfort from the end of day as smog lasting for several hours was noticed in the middle of last week. Wind speed has also reduced to a certain extent. Had it blown in speed, harshness of chilly weather would have also increased. In view of the fact that pace of the gust was not high, it gave a bit of relief to the crowd from summery feel when exposed directly to sunshine, which is expected to turn hazy in the coming days.

Not to forget that the wintry climate without prior notice gained foothold thanks to smoke in the surroundings. Mercury is not supposed to rise vastly in the near term as possibility of dropping temperature remains on the cards. Problems are to be put by intense fog, lowering the visibility. A number of trains are running behind the schedule due to the same reason. Timings of some flights have also been changed. If weather reports of new week is to be mentioned then it is going to be a partly cloudy day in Delhi today. The wind is to blow at the rate of 14 km per hour. It is thought to restrict heat from bothering population at least for some time from now.

More to the point, maximum temperature and minimum temperature in Delhi and nearby regions will vary in the range of 25 degree Celsius and 27 degree Celsius and 10 degree Celsius & 13 degree Celsius, respectively, from today till Sunday. The percentage of humidity will climb from 45 per cent to 62 per cent in the same duration. The weekend was a mix of hot and cold conditions. Many enjoyed outing with family and friends. Weathermen predict that sunshine will go misty soon and the people will continue to look for measures to stay in good health the moment temperature goes up and down to a few notches.

The transition in weather is likely to be observed after a few days. No wonder, if it is witnessed in the current week. Here is to mention that delay in arrival and departure of trains and flights has posed troubles in several cities. It is forecast that wintry feel will make people shiver this year. Cold winds in Lucknow, Kanpur and other places compelled many to stay indoors during the morning time. Temperature dropped a tad more than earlier in various regions of Uttar Pradesh. Likelihood of facing troublesome situations, especially seasonal illness, can’t be nullified at any cost. As per weather reports, sunshine on some occasions and fog now and then are to keep on letting populace get exposed to climate change. Warmer conditions are probable to bid adieu in next to no time. While afternoon is said to be comforting, things may change rapidly post sunset. Doctors guide people to stay careful towards the health of children and old population.

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