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Sound & Music at MasterChef India 4 Take Kitchen Stars by Surprise

masterchef newNew Delhi, Tuesday, March 17 – The pressure to stand out amid others always remain in the MasterChef kitchen and this time to take that pressure away, India’s Raw Star contestants – Darshan Raval and Mohit Gaur – marked their presence on the sets of super hit cookery show.

MasterChef India doesn’t need any introduction. The kind of popularity its participants gained in the earlier seasons is unmatched. It gave the home cooks a perfect stage to discover their capabilities and shine among others through delicious recipes.

The new week kicked off on a lighter note when both Darshan and Mohit sung popular melodies of different eras with sheer perfection. They showed their love of the MasterChef contestants by dedicating them beautiful songs.

The young singers were the guest this week and kitchen stars had to prepare their three favorite dishes namely khichadi, ghewar and jam in an innovative manner never seen or heard before. On the basis of singing ability, Nikita Gandhi and Vijay Sharma were appointed captain of the two teams. The former chose Karishma Sakhrani, Pratibha Kocher and Neha Shah to win the task, while the latter chose Bhakti Arora and Ashish Singh for the same cause.

The level of difficulty is likely to increase as both the teams are almost following the similar track to be prominent and impress the judges. Each participant wants to put his/her best foot forward as chefs Sanjeev Kapoor, Vikas Khanna and Ranveer Brar are to declare three ‘flavor-e-azam’ this week. Such step is new of its own kind and this is the reason why contestants are desperately pouring great efforts to be victorious at the end.

In today’s telecast, this would be clear whether the team of four outperformed the rest three or vice versa happened. Audiences keenly wait to see those participants who will get the chance to add a star on their aprons and who will have to wait for another week to get it by incorporating provided ingredients in a way that taste heavenlicious.

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