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Seasonal Vegetables to Remain Pricey in Capital during Peak Winter

veggiesNew Delhi, Thursday, January 8 – News might not be good for several customers as a choice of vegetables will remain pricey at least for next 20 days. Vegetable sellers blame intense fog and rainfall during the season for offering various kitchen staples a bit more than the actual rates, which are pinching customers’ pocket whenever they head towards the market to buy groceries in required quantity.

Despite that fact that the likelihood of showers aren’t strong, thick smog may hit the final nail in the coffin. “Production is thankfully not affected in the recent time but since crop producing states find the task of supplying the stuffs on time through trucks and commercial vehicles a tad difficult due to poor visibility on the roads”, said a retail vendor.

Quality veggies are offered at an expensive price, leaving buyers with no option other than to shell out hefty sums in one go. Tomatoes are on the way to disturb the household budget given that the prices have soared from INR 20 & INR 30 to INR 40 and INR 60. Onions are also up by INR 10 and sold at INR 40. Potatoes being used greatly in a variety of dishes are not offered at a feasible price structure in the regions situated in close proximity to the national capital. Cauliflower, lady finger and beans are almost out of the reach of the people with low incomes. Even if they purchase these veggies then compromises are surely made on the quantity.

Homemakers wish for not witnessing any augment in the cost further otherwise multiple changes will be made while planning the monthly kitchen budget, taking into consideration the source of income and their limit to bear the burden of price rise. Conditions are anticipated to head in the right direction the moment mercury goes up, bringing the normal life and situation on track.

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