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Say No to Excess Oil, Sugar to Shed Weight Faster, Finds Study

foodNew Delhi, Friday, March 20 – Excess of anything is harmful. If one eats food which lacks adequate proportion of salt, sugar, oil, carbohydrates, spices, minerals, vitamins etc,  the chance of getting plump becomes higher.

According to a latest study, skipping meals in the name of dieting would even make people obese. Increasing the risk of gaining extra pounds on waist line, thighs and arms, dieting contribute factor to the chubbiness epidemic.

Instead of saying no to food in apt amount, researchers asked populace to limit the intake of fat and sugary stuffs on a daily basis. Surplus consumption of these two components impart huge role in making people look round within short span of time. Butter when combined with refined flour becomes the dangerous combination as far as health is concerned though the end-result tastes delicious.

This is the reason why most of the health experts advise food lovers to cut down their intake of pastry, sweets, doughnuts and croquembouche thanks to higher calories. Those who have the power to control themselves from not eating favorite cuisines, baked or fried in oil, are healthier and fitter than those who love to gobble down without thinking too much about being healthy for several decades to come.

Closing the eyes to desserts can be good in the long run as this can save people from getting fatty with each passing day. Similarly, incorporating too salty eatables must be ignored as this may give rise to problems in blood sugar patients. The magic of staying strong lies in the hands of inhabitants only. The earlier one understands the need of munching nutritious diet, the more strength he earns for his future.

Appropriate eating is important to gain energy as well. Growing children shouldn’t be asked to avoid fat in food as this helps their bones grow properly. The only point homemakers require to remember is to make kids aware about aftermath of having too much white flour and fried stuffs. Guidance at an early age will lend a hand to them be human beings who are health conscious, the research added further.

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