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Rise in Pollution – a Big Concern for Metropolis’ Residents

pollutionNew Delhi, Friday, March 20 – People residing in metropolitan cities are more exposed to pollution as compared to the inhabitants living in small towns and villages. Despite the fact that plantation of trees is good in cities, frequent use of vehicles increases the ratio of pollutants in the atmosphere is faster than expected.

Smoke emitted by cars, bikes and commercial vehicles makes environment unhealthy. Automobiles have actually created a menace into the surroundings. Excessive use has augmented air pollution, which alone gives birth to several diseases related to respiration.

Carelessness at this stage will form absolutely dangerous situation for the upcoming generations. As per latest study, harmful gases trim down oxygen carrying capacity of the blood, letting people feel low and sick. Cases about the patients reporting about problem in breathing have soared in the last few decades. Health experts, though, recommend them follow indispensable measures to regain good health but that’s not enough given that it is nearly impossible to breathe fresh air, which is full of environmental toxins.

Some drop in the percentage of pollutants can be done if countrymen realize the need of making atmosphere clean and clear. This could be achieved if vehicles are brought in use for commuting when extremely necessary. Visible emissions from trucks, buses, 4-wheelers and 2-wheelers are harmful and should be stopped before it is too late, said a latest study that underscored poor health of populace earning their bread and butter in Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai.

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