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Quick Change in Climate Takes Delhiites by Surprise, More Rainfall on the Cards

rainNew Delhi, Monday, March 16 – For around a couple of weeks, sudden rain and partly cloudy sky have been taking Delhi people by surprise. Sometimes sky is clear and now and then it is overcast, adding to the possibility of rainfall.

If truth be told, the weather in March has been colder as compared to the same period in earlier years. The amount of rainfall witnessed by Delhi and other states has once again pointed to the question – is weather cycle actually changing! Not to forget that October ended in full of sunshine last year. Temperature fell in the middle of November but Delhi experienced peak winter in the second week of December. February began on a bit warm note, giving people an option to pack their winter clothes in a bag for re-use by the year-end.

However, things changed in the metropolis as soon as the new month started. Weather took a u-turn prior to holi and rain lashed its streets many times after the festival of colors. Mercury dropped rapidly during the weekend. Slight showers and speedy gust added to the frosty feel. Clouds were prominently seen on Sunday, giving a clear indication about rains.

Many people were seen covering themselves in layers to steer clear of cold, cough and fever. Despite opting for sweaters, several residents thronged city hospitals to get proper treatment for seasonal flu. If latest reports related to climatic conditions are to be believed then rain probability is strong even today. 40 percent of showers may be observed post noontime. Wind will blow at the speed of 18 km per hour. Humidity is predicted to be 72 percent, which is higher as compared to any other day this week.

Inhabitants are likely to wake up to sunny mornings which are assumed to bring the comfort back once again. Sunshine may be hazy during the mid-week. Maximum temperature is expected to rise from 25 to 31 degree Celsius and minimum temperature from 14 to 18 degree Celsius in the next 7 days. Pace of the breeze will augment from 16 to 24 km per hour.

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