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Proper Care during Peak Winter Pivotal to Retain Sheen of Silky Locks

hair careNew Delhi, Friday, January 9 – Hair requires nourishment as similar to that of the skin. Shiny and healthy hair is the keen wish for everyone since it not only increases beauty of a person in but also becomes identification mark. Gorgeous long locks grab eyeballs and so is partial baldness, which is though not liked at all by anyone. Strong hair clearly explains that people pay attention to healthy eating habits and give needful care to the tresses. Quality of hair must be taken care of as it flaunts prettiness in truly incomparable ways.

The citizens of India face hair troubles more as compared to the populace residing in other countries owing to rapidly changing weather conditions. Intolerable heat in summer takes away all the sheen, leaving hair sweaty. Rainy season makes it look oily and sticky. Hair is worst hit in winter since everyone can’t find washing the scalp twice a week an easy job as what they do during hot and moist weather conditions. Dandruff, dryness and untimely showers cart off all the charm. Winter has already set in. The mob curiously looks for the solution to get rid of frizzy and dull hair. The task of getting attractive locks is not as difficult as one might think. Before humidity ruin the ravishing gorgeousness of the tresses, it is far better to provide them essential care.

In order to keep the locks lustrous, glossy and full of bounce, some kitchen ingredients may be extremely helpful to add shine to the hair from the scalp till the length. Avocado & honey pack, apple cider vinegar & a few drops of lime, curd with half tablespoon of finely crushed black pepper, carrot mask, banana & honey and a pack of fenugreek seeds and olive oil can show magical effect on the hair of different kinds. Know your tresses better before applying any of these packs. Oranges and lemon drops should be avoided by those with dry hair.  People with oily hair may go for it but be sure of washing the same after 10 to 15 minutes.

Olive oil, coconut oil, almond and amla hair oil are great for massaging hair. One shouldn’t close the eyes to the benefits offered by oil. It relaxes mind and makes blood circulation normal. Keep hair oily overnight and wash it under the running water the very next day for best results. Flaunt natural flow of the hair and avoid straightening, coloring and frequent perming. Say a big no to spicy, oily and salty food. A spoon of vinegar in the final rinse maintains the shine of hair in all seasons. Tie and cover them properly to protect against dew and cold waves. An apt care needed to show off silky locks during peak winter.

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