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Pollution after Diwali Lets Patients Visit at Doctors’ Place

pollNew Delhi, Wednesday, November 2 – Deepawali was lately celebrated. Festivity gripped the countrymen, bringing sheer enthusiasm to enjoy the festival of lights. On one hand, a lot of people elected to spend the auspicious occasion by illuminating their homes with diyas, colorful lights, lanterns and candles.

But it is unfortunate that despite their step to celebrate ‘green Diwali’, they had to inhale smoke from fireworks since many had fun by bursting noisy crackers, which further gave birth to deluge of garbage in various sectors.

Regardless of knowing the fact that the smog is harmful for respiratory system in consequence of frequent spreading of nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and other harmful gases in the atmosphere, children, young generations and mid-aged populace seemed keen to burn firecrackers in the name of following essential Diwali tradition and also for the sake of fun.

The masses made use of empty bottles to fire rockets that further added to the trash. Given that people in different parts burst many crackers, the regions got covered under a thick smoke as soon as the rate of bursting crackers kept on increasing with each passing minute. According to latest available reports, the percentage of citizens showing signs of respiratory and cardiac diseases has augmented all of a sudden. Besides them, those who are affected the most by pollution during 5-day festive period are the newborns, children and elderly people.

Staff at various health care centres is having busy time these days as efforts are being made to lessen down complications faced by the patients by means of right medications. Fine particles of toxic gases emitted by chakri, snake cracker, anaar bombs and so on have already created troubles for the asthma patients. It would not be surprising to see a random rise in numbers of patients complaining about respiratory issue as rain and high speed wind are not expected in the coming days that help in clearing smog.

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