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Nikita Gandhi’s Brigade Beats Vijay Sharma’s Team in MasterChef Kitchen; Wins ‘Flavor-e-azam’

masterchef2New Delhi, Wednesday, March 18 – With each passing day in MasterChef kitchen, contestants of the cookery show are exposed to different challenges. In the new week, Karishma Sakhrani, Pratibha Kocher and Neha Shah were chosen by Nikita Gandhi in the blue team, while Bhakti Arora and Ashish Singh were taken in red team by Vijay Sharma, to prepare delicious meals for India’s Raw Star contestants – Darshan Raval and Mohit Gaur.

The key stuffs that were asked to be prepared by two teams were khichadi, ghevar and jam. The stress to beat the rival was clearly visible on the faces of all the participants but at the end it was Nikita-led blue squad which beat the co-contestants in red apron by a ratio of 2:1.  Young singers Darshan and Mohit enjoyed the items served to them and were all words of praise for enthusiastic home cooks.

It was chefs Sanjeev Kapoor, Vikas Khanna and Ranveer Brar votes that made the team of 4 to be victorious at the end. In the ghevar face-off, Vijay’s efforts paid off, whereas Nikita’s jam biscuit made her team equalize the vote count. The result depended on the plate on which khichadi was served in a truly innovative manner.

Despite being at par with the soaring hopes of great chefs by incorporating amazing flavors and look to khichadi, the 3-member red team lost against the blue team as they fell one plate short to present the dish as asked earlier. A small mistake cost them lose the chance of getting ‘flavor-e-azam’. Since Nikita was the captain of a group having all ladies, she got the ‘super shakti’. If she uses this power, the talented cook may keep herself safe from elimination round.  Viewers are keen to see upcoming challenges in front of the contestants in the coming episodes.

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