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Monday Ends with Slight Hint of Foggy Days ahead

cold1New Delhi, Wednesday, December 7 – Nothing can be joyous to see sun-drenched day in the month of winter. After the people in Delhi woke up to a pleasant morning on Monday, they got the hint of winter setting in towards the middle of the day as sunlight slowly began to disappear. Haze added to the shivery feel. The sky turned vague early yesterday, letting the feel of winter gain grip.

People were expecting a bright clear day to greet them today as well but once again unexpected fog took them by surprise. The change in the climate may take away relief from the living creatures due to extreme drop in temperature. Here is to mention that first week of December is almost gone. Folks are likely to continue witnessing smog cover for the rest of the month in view of the fact that December being one of the months when cold is at peak.

As per recent reports about weather conditions, the atmosphere will be partly sunlit on Wednesday. Humidity in the surroundings will be 56 per cent that would drop to 50 per cent towards the weekend.  Mercury is supposed to plunge in a little while, creating problems, especially for those having no roof over their head. Weather experts predict maximum and minimum temperatures in the national capital to vary in the range of 23 degree Celsius and 26 degree Celsius and 10 degree Celsius and 13 degree Celsius, respectively, during the same time frame.

Wind speed will fluctuate in the range of 5 kilometre per hour and 10 kilometre per hour from today till Sunday.  For getting sheer comfort, the masses would now need to put on warm clothes. Even though time to dress up in layers is yet a little bit away, people are making sure to get winter wears before air becomes freezing. Commuters of the city are eying some relief in metro trains, which is one of the convenient modes to travel to avoid getting affected by increasing cold. Intense heat during peak summers bothered the dwellers. They are to get a break from it but would hope for sun to come out as soon as foggy days are witnessed every so often. Variation in temperatures bring some relief, on one hand, but let living creature fall sick, on the other hand.

Several individuals are keeping the doctors busy these days in order to get proper treatment for cough, cold, flu, asthma, frost bites and so on. A thin fog covered the city and various parts early today, turning commuting part extremely difficult. A number of trains are reaching destinations late. Passengers are sometimes left with no option but to wait in the waiting room or on the platforms for their trains to arrive. More than a few trains are running late by five to six hours, causing huge inconvenience, which is expected to increase in the coming weeks since fog cover is to get thicker.

Increasing cold in different cities is already troubling quite a lot of people on the way to home and work places. Health experts continue to advise populace stick to clean and hygienic food. They also recommend inclusion of nuts and dry fruits in winters to keep body warm. As the winter arrives, prices of vegetables have dropped to a great extent, allowing buyers not compromise on nutrition part. The common problem many are facing after demonetisation is not having sufficient sums in their hands. Not everybody is comfortable with digital payment options and meet daily needs.

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