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Meenu Dham Fails to Survive the Eviction in MasterChef India Season 4

meenuNew Delhi, Monday, March 16 – Meenu Dham, the eldest among the top 12 participants, is the one who lately got eliminated from MasterChef India season 4, a cookery show that gave home cooks a wonderful opportunity to shine and let the world know about their cooking skills. The 54-year-old Dham was successful in creating a unique space in the hearts of viewers, MasterChef finalists and great chefs Sanjeev Kapoor, Vikas Khanna and Ranveer Brar through her ability to create mouth-watering dishes several times.

Taking the rich tradition of vegetarian food to another level, the guest chef presented a beautiful khandvi roll with some jackfruit bites, tomato gravy, mashed potato and a crispy potato ring in style. Nikita Gandhi, Meenu Dham and Ashish Singh were standing on the verge of elimination last week. Vijay Sharma was declared safe a day ago when he created a lip-smacking cuisine having watermelon as the core ingredient. Nikita silently kept on doing her work as she used to do earlier but coming in the last three made her break down in tears. Judges asked the young cook to believe in herself and make her weakness the real strength.

Her focus paid off as judges found all elements accurately used even though she and other two got half recipes. Nikita was the first among the three who was sent upstairs to join other safe contestants. Everyone had a doubt over Ashish’s stay in the competition since he never outshined for an immaculate cuisine since the new season kicked off. Meenu, on the other hand, surprised top chefs by giving a wonderful twist to the normal recipes. But at the end it was Ashish who heaved a sigh of relief when announced safe from eviction. In spite of being short of words, Meenu signed off with a broad smile given that judges gave her grand salute.

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