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Make Technology Your Friend to Introduce Easiness in Life

techNew Delhi, Wednesday, November 16 – Cell phones are made to feel people close to the people they love to stay in contact with. Even though both professional and personal calls and texts are done for more than a few purposes, everybody likes to contact people who are positive and have some vision in life.

It is hard to accept that most of the conversations done on phone are what mobile users want to avoid as this brings a lot of stress. Personal relationships are getting weak instead of turning stronger. The reason is that people are not able to witness what magic can wait do. Modern generation wants to get each information in a short span of time. This sometimes adds to frustration for those who are struck in some urgent work.

Mobile phones and technology are actually boon for the people who know how to make best use of it. It is bane for those who believe in living in a virtual world, which only houses lots of happiness. Reality is far different. It is on us how to use applications that could work in our favour. There are a number of apps that are created to help populace.

Only playing games doesn’t bring problems to an end. A lot is done by being practical. Mobiles can impart role of best friends when nobody is seen in a side but life is much beyond using excessive features. Nothing can beat the way it has brought families closer. One can see loved ones whenever they wish through video calls. Texts and emails have lessened the distance as well. Problem is when unnecessary messages are sent in group chats.

Continuous notifications may be irritating sometimes. It is not that everyone makes senseless use of technology. There are users of different age groups who use it in limit, which adds to comfort and proves useful at different time intervals. Cameras of mobile, laptops and tablets can be the key source to create series of memories. But there are many who spent hours and hours just to get a perfect selfie that can catch eyes of the others.

Craze of anything is dangerous. The time that can be spent in learning new things is wasted in chatting, clicking pictures at various places with different backgrounds. Those who are friends on social networking sites usually do not have a conversation over phone for several months. One needs to understand that anything that’s invented should be for one’s convenience. But as soon as it starts taking away the peace of mind and soul, it should be clear in mind that something is wrong.

As far as advantages of cell phones are taken into consideration then these provide a wonderful platform to store a lot of data without being worried about storing capacity. Most of the makers in this day and age release handsets in 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB memory. The capacity is expandable as well, letting users store all the pictures and videos they clicked and recorded with close pals and kin at different intervals of time.

Mobiles serve entertainment at a time when there is no other option to avoid boredom. Radio and MP3 player serve music in amazing voice clarity. If battery of one’s phone doesn’t die quickly then music that is pleasant on ears can be heard. Live commentary about cricket and other sports, and news also help listeners stay informed about happenings around them. Disadvantages are learnt when someone starts interfering with others’ privacy. Life would not come to standstill if pictures aren’t taken on any occasion of the family.

Now and then it is quite hilarious to see people not enjoying in party just because the charge in phone isn’t full. Since the source to show others how much fun they availed during an event isn’t working, they miss to enjoy the sheer joy of meeting people face to face. Best use of technology can be rewarding. If current situations are to be considered then after ban of INR 500 and INR 1000 in India, a number of people are making efforts to run household through online payment when it is getting tougher to stand in long queues for several hours.

Those who know how to use their debit and credit cards and net banking options are trying to cross as many as days possible via this way. This is where technology is helping them. People need to learn how to stay wise and make the most of mobile features that are introduced for helping populace. The moment it is known, the sense of comfort is felt on the same day.

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