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Make Tea Time Snacks Nutritious to Refill Energy and Boost Stamina, Says Research

foodNew Delhi, Tuesday, January 13 – Paying no heed to the significance of tea or coffee with healthy snacks isn’t possible at any cost in view of the fact that these have their own importance if taken in required amount on a daily basis at a fixed time. A number of nourishing elements are crucial to lead a life without falling ill at any stage.

Tea reportedly has many health benefits and popular amongst the populace from past several decades. However, this doesn’t mean at all that tea lovers should start consuming it right from the morning till late at night, having no control over the quantity. Tea has caffeine, which plays pivotal role in keeping away unwanted stress from mind and instant relief from headache. A cup of tea in a day can easily light up your mood, found a recent study, which also draw attention to the significance of eating healthy snacks.

Taking in something nutritious at different time intervals is always healthy in terms of maintaining good health and physique as compared to the food taken in one go. Small bites of foodstuffs can show magical effect on the body and stamina. This is one of the major causes why fitness experts ask people to eat in portion instead of satisfying their hunger with extra calorie at one fell swoop. Instead of munching ready-made snacks like biscuits, salty chips and namkeen, it is better to have homemade white peas vada, less oily fritters, baked bread rolls, broccoli and cheese balls, mushroom in Schezwan sauce, muffins, cheese cake, potato and corn rolls etc.

The best aspect of relying on freshly prepared home cuisine is that ingredients can be used as per personal taste and likings. If truth be told then tea time could be memorable moment for family members, who can enjoy tasting delicious meals at one place and share beautiful memories together. Sprouts with a variety of add-ons like lemon juice, a mix of hot & tangy spices, topping of vegetables show magical effect on the strength and leave face in sheer shine, the study revealed further.

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