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Late Night Drizzle & Dust Storm Bring Comfort Back in Delhi

rain lightNew Delhi, Friday, March 27 – Delhiites were puzzled with the sudden change in weather in the late hours a day ago. Climatic conditions in the current month have been unpredictable right from the first week, which was full of rain. Quick drop in mercury made winter to bounce back again. Situations changed in the middle when intense heat started to give the feel of approaching summer.

If truth be told, temperature in the last two days was up. Signs of hot weather were apparent. Even people sweat in the day time thanks to rise in temperature. However, slight comfort was felt when gentle winds with a tad dust started to blow without prior notice at a good pace on Thursday night. The transition in climate after 10 p.m. put a ceiling on summer at least for sometime from now. People woke up to a pleasant morning on Friday as mild breeze welcomed them.  Weather conditions might change  faster in the national capital in the next few days.

The maximum temperature of Delhi is supposed to vary in the range of 34 and 36 degree Celsius, while the minimum temperature between 18 and 22 degree Celsius till this weekend. Despite the fact that strong probability of sunlit mornings for a week remains on the cards, the news regarding mercury to stay low seems a bit comforting to the mob. Sky is anticipated to overcast on Monday. Moreover, 50 percent rain probability is likely as well.

Today, humidity will drop to 38 percent, creating no big trouble for the people residing in Delhi and nearby areas. Speed of the wind will be 13 km per hour, restricting the searing heat from getting extreme to a certain extent. If latest reports related to climate in April are to be mentioned then it is going to be soothing given that downpour will keep on lashing the city streets at different time intervals. However, exposure to sunlight may possibly make populace feel the discomfort and avoid going out if not necessary, particularly during the noontime.

In the nutshell, partly cloudy sky, clear weather with sunshine and rain are all set to let general public experience weather change in a short span of time. On one hand, this might look somewhat amazing to the common mob, while on the other hand, health experts advise people to opt for effective measures to avoid the chance of being down due to fever, severe headache and body pain.

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