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Haze in Early Hours Greets Delhi Today

delhi1New Delhi, Wednesday, November 2 – Weather seems to be changing in speed in the national capital, which was greeted by the smog today in the early hours. If truth be told, most of the cities are soon to observe some changes in the first week of November.

The haze stayed unexpectedly till the middle of the day. Higher and lower temperatures are to dip further in the coming days as smog to stay in the surroundings, letting people residing in different corners feel some shiver of the pink winter season. After certain time intervals, trains will start to run late. Flights schedules also get affected thanks to fog and smog, which could be a major problem after a while.

As per predictions, post noticing the amount of rainfall witnessed by different corners of the ground, winter season will make people feel the cold. Low visibility on roads, runways and railway cause a lot of troubles for the commuters. After taking into consideration today’s climate in the city, it is anticipated that thin blanket of fog may come into picture, compelling populace stay careful while driving or commuting from one place to other.

Here is to mention that Delhi is popular for its biting cold. Those who reside in the city and nearby regions know it very well that ruthless winter bother living creatures on most of the occasions, throwing life completely out of the gear. In Delhi, maximum and minimum temperatures will fluctuate in the range of 29 degree Celsius and 31 degree Celsius and 15 degree Celsius and 17 degree Celsius, respectively. Speed of the wind will increase from 8 km per hour to 18 km per hour. Humidity is to dip from between 40 per cent and 34 per cent, creating almost no problem for Delhiites as climate is to house some chill.

No possibility of downpour stays. This will make weather be a mix of both hot and cold conditions. Each season has its own advantages and disadvantages. Cancellation of flights and trains leave travelers with no option apart from bearing the brunt. As of this week, weather reports suggest both hazy sun and plenty of sunshine. Hours in the night are getting colder and, no wonder, if considerable drop in mercury is observed by the middle of end of the month. Mist in most of the Delhi parts increases post Diwali as many people celebrated the festival of lights with a lot of fireworks. Dangerous metallic particles emitted by crackers are causing health issues to the populace with health and respiratory problems. As of Thursday, sky will not remain totally clear. Sunlight will not be harsh in the next few days.

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