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Fresh Vegetable Juice Adds to Life and Brings Shine on Face, Finds Research

vegetable newNew Delhi, Wednesday, March 4 – Importance of having healthy meals have been jotted down several times by innumerable researches in the recent past and here is a latest study that draws attention to the benefits of consuming freshly squeezed vegetable juices.

Citing the advantages of including vegetables in the form of soup or juice in regular diet, the research mentioned those who have a glass of blended mixed veggies are more likely to stay in good health, shape and shinier as compared to those who don’t. Face gets the sheen if beetroots, farm fresh carrots and tomato are crushed together to give a dark color juice, which comprises countless nutrients.

In a scenario where people usually skip their breakfast in a hurry, inclination towards nutritional fluids could come to their rescue. Veggie soups add to life and make populace feel good from within. Energy level also increases, letting the common man get engaged into the chores which require focus and mental strength.

Those who aren’t used to have vegetables in liquid form may start developing the flavor by adding rice and cheese balls in bottle gourd soup. Cucumber juices can be given an exotic twist by including lime and mint. Fennel seeds and some cumin are best to enhance the taste. If these can’t be consumed on a daily basis then should be taken at least twice or thrice a week, for sure.

Intake of soy milk, protein diet and other essential components have unmatched profits. Spinach & pea soup, sweet baby corn soup etc. are perfect to start the day. Rather than adding the artificial sweeteners to the blended vegetables, it is better to have it in the natural form. Some sodium is yet excellent when included in the right amount. The only point that is needed to be remembered by the food lovers is the cleanliness of leafy veggies and proper washing of other ingredients before incorporating them in flavorsome fluids, the study stated further.

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