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For How Long Should Nirbhaya Wait for Justice?

rapeNew Delhi, Thursday, March 5 – The horrendous crime that took place on December 16, 2012, shook the entire nation. The ferocious assault of a young female physiotherapy intern, who was full of life and wanted to make her all dreams come true, on a Delhi bus was a shock to the entire humanity. Many youngsters, mid-aged and elderly populace chose to come out of their comfort zone to protest for this shameful incident.

Nirbhaya later succumbed to severe injuries caused to her by the rapists. Despite the fact that a Delhi court awarded death penalty to 4 rapists – the main culprits of 16 December rape, Supreme Court’s stay on execution of the offenders delayed the justice for Nirbhaya, her shattered family and, of course, all parents who want their girls to stay safe no matter wherever they go.

At present, the general public and even many ministers have raised their voice against the Nirbhaya documentary in which Mukesh Singh, the driver of the bus wherein the most heinous and hateful offense took place, did not show any sign of repentance. What a kind of a person is he is easy to understand from his statement that says – “women who go out at night have only themselves to blame in case they attract attention of male molesters,”

Such shocking remarks are adequate enough to let everyone know he doesn’t deserve anything less than severe punishment from the judges. How he got the right to blame the victim for the fatal sexual assault? Is it actually because of delay in final judgment? Shouldn’t he be hanged till death? Imagine of a world where people like him are set free! Teenagers, office goers, homemakers and even kids will have to survive under fear all the time because it wouldn’t be certain whether they will be back home safely or not.

Whether this documentary should be aired or not is a different question but if truth be told, countrymen must get to know how inhuman one could be in reality. Whatever happened with the 23-year-old girl was wrong. Laws against rape cases must be amended so that criminals like Mukesh get punishment as early as possible. Strict actions should be taken and the government must ensure safety of girls no matter where they wander and at what time. What kind of pain Nirbhaya’s parents are going through is difficult to feel. In all their sleepless nights they would have had prayed for justice of their daughter. It is perhaps the time when needful measures are needed to be taken so that Nirbhaya’s soul can rest in peace.

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