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Fog Returns to the Capital; Dew Factor Adds to Moisture and Frostiness

fogNew Delhi, Thursday, January 8 – Firstly, it was cold waves and rain that caused huge problem to the Delhi people since the start of New Year 2015 and now, it is once again the fog that is surely going to add up to the difficulty level. The mob in the national capital woke up to foggy morning on Thursday. The visibility was low, making daily commuters drive more safely what they usually do on any other day.

Thanks to dew, the survival of the homeless has become extremely tough. In view of the fact that dew makes area wet, it is not easy for the people without a roof over their head to find a dry and warm place. “Our blankets get wet at night and this creates a mess. Shelter homes are overcrowded in the nearby zone and that is why we are left with no option but to anyhow save ourselves from bone-chilling cold”, said a 35-year-old man. Things are not going to be easy for them as weathermen do not forecast sunny day in the coming week.

The wintry climatic conditions are likely to be intensified in Delhi and nearby regions. Efforts are being made by the authorities to put up tents for short-term under flyovers and bridges to provide homeless a place to temporary reside and safeguard against severe cold at least during the peak winter month.

As per latest reports about the weather in the metropolitan city, sky will be overcast for next 8 to 10 days. Cloud will partly cover the skies, making everyone to shiver as plenty of sunshine is not going to be witnessed in the coming days. Humidity will vary in the range of 48 to 56 percent. Speed of the gust will gain pace from 6 km per hour to 27 km per hour. A slight fluctuation in the minimum and maximum temperatures is probable to be experienced given that these will be seen between 6 & 9 degree Celsius and 15 to 17 degree Celsius. Hundreds are anticipated to get stranded at the airports and railway platforms as the scenario of thick fog may continue up till next week.

The city might not be paralyzed as it was in December when smog continued to blanket several Delhi areas, however, the likelihood of seeing flights getting cancelled and trains running behind the schedule remains on the cards. Residents wait for instant relief as harsh winter has made their life hell. Health experts advise populace to be extra careful towards their health and put on warm clothes in layers. “Instead of wearing a thick sweater, it is recommended to wear two or three of them as these stop cold waves to get in and affect body. Nutritious food intake has no substitute and is essential to get desired nutrition and power.

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