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Farmer’s Suicide in Different States – a Major Point to Worry

farmerNew Delhi, Tuesday, March 17 – Unpredictable rainfall and hailstorm in the month of March damaged standing crops in different states to an extent that made farmers commit suicide as their entire hope of earning profit and meeting the family needs died then a there.

Suicide is not an easy step. It is hard to understand what actually runs in the mind of a person who commits this crime. Why farmers are left with no option but to suicide when something unseen happens. The unpredictability of weather played spoilsport in the earlier years as well.

Many farmers anticipate good output at the end after doing their bit in the best way possible. However, it is a bitter truth that their hard work does not pay off always. A lot of things depend on the quality of seeds, fertilizers, implementation of new technology, irrigation facility and, of course, the climatic conditions for impressive growth in the fields. The inability to pay back a bank loan, young farmer reportedly hanged himself to death in a district of Madhya Pradesh a couple of days ago. It is not the first time when such incident took place. Hundreds of thousands of farmers gave up all hopes to live and committed suicide by consuming lethal insecticide sprayed on crops to kill pests in the past too.

The sons of the soil think of providing good education to their children and want to repay debt as early as possible as like other people engaged in distinct occupation. Desired production is just the way that could come for their rescue. However, their path to achieve dreamed goals is not easy as both excess and inadequate downpour change their fate. Despondent farmers take their own life thinking it an only solution for all the problems. Perhaps the time has really come when effective measures are needed to be taken by the government for the wellbeing of farmers and their families.

Policies should be made and implemented to make life simple for them. It is saddening to see farmers taking such a big step at a time when their loved ones need them the most. They should be given lands to cultivate crops without any problem. Besides this, they must be counseled in case guidance is sought. If they lead a good life then it would be possible for others to get kitchen staples at a reasonable price. Let us all join hands to save our farmers who are the key source of human survival on this planet as they grow most of the stuffs required daily in each household.

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