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Equation Changes in Bigg Boss House as Karishma Tanna & Dimpy Ganguly Get Into an Argument

bigg bossNew Delhi, Wednesday, January 14 – Bigg Boss house is full of uncertainties. It is a place where enemies become friends and friends become enemies as the time passes by. Equations randomly change herein as soon as someone gets in or goes outside and fights break out among the inmates.

Similar scenario was apparent when Karishma Tanna and Dimpy Ganguly got into an argument a few hours after Upen Patel’s re-entry in the house. Karishma was lately seen revealing the Dimpy has a boyfriend in front of the co-contestants RJ Pritam Singh and Ali Quli Mirza. When Ganguly sought clarification for the issue with her in the garden area, she said Rahul Mahajan has told her that he and Dimpy have moved on in life and have someone special outside.

While confronting Rahul, Karishma revealed the Ali said her that Dimpy keeps on crying over different stuffs in front of him. The estranged wife of Rahul discussed the matter with Ali and Pritam. Ali, on one hand, asked her to let Karishma say the same now, while Pritam, on the other hand, tried to normalize the situation by putting forward some valid points.

The Bigg Boss house was turned into a call centre for the luxury budget task. Champions had to answer the calls made by the challengers and give satisfactory replies of the questions asked. Gautam Gulati exploited the opportunity by putting a question to Ali why he provoked Ajaz Khan that made him go violent and as a result, expelled from the house.

Sana Khan picked Mahek Chahal to answer why she kept her inputs during the task of the previous week in a side and asked Sambhvna Seth to decide on either Mahek or Rahul as the best performer. This later on broke a fight between the two as Mahek defended her stand by citing that from the day she came in the champions’ group, they are jealous of her. Sambhvna agreed with Sana and replied her good friend Mahek that it is not they who are envious but it is she herself who tried to play the game by asking them to vote her as a captain against Karishma.

In the midst of argument, it was Upen who expressed his feelings for Karishma on the phone. The listeners couldn’t do anything apart from smiling. The bond between the two is likely to grow as ‘36 China Town’ seems to have re-entered to express the untold feelings to her.

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