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‘Ek Number Manas’ Ajaz Khan Expelled from Bigg Boss Season 8 for Hitting Ali Quli Mirza

bigg bossNew Delhi, Wednesday, January 7 – Every TV reality show has its own set of rules but when someone thinks himself over it faces the aftermath effect as confronted by Ajaz Khan. It has only been a few days when the ex-contestant of Bigg Boss season 7 came in the same show after a span of a year.

The intention of calling him in once again was to bring a twist in BB 8 and take entertainment quotient up. Here is to mention that since the show got extended for almost a month and Farah Khan replaced Salman Khan as the host, a slight change in the concept was introduced.

In ‘finale ka twist’ with Salman, Mahek Chahal, Rahul Mahajan, the estranged husband of Dimpy Ganguly, and Sambhavna Seth also got entry in the eighth edition of Bigg Boss. Things started to change all of a sudden inside the house when mighty Bigg Boss asked challengers to accomplish entire household chores. In fact, situation got bitter so between them that 34-year-old Sambhavna threw her shoes towards Dimpy. It was a reaction that wasn’t seen in the several years.

By the end of the day, a heated argument between Ali Quli Mirza and Ajaz Khan changed the fate of the latter one in the show. Despite the fact that Dubai based actor and singer Mirza continued to say he does not want any sort of violence in the house, Ajaz slapped him first. This was, though disgusting, taken as a joke by the inmates. RJ Pritam Singh and Gautam Gulati then also made efforts to stop Ajaz but he didn’t listen to any of them. He then hit Ali on the shoulders that made him get collapsed. Ali complained of breathing issues and then he was taken inside the confession room. His half faint state worried the co-contestants, except Ajaz.

Bigg Boss then ordered Ajaz to pack all his stuffs and get out of the house. He rose to fame from Bigg Boss and now, he himself added a chapter in his life what no fans would like to read for losing his cool. As per latest available reports, Imam Siddique is all set to enter in BB8. It would be interesting to see how circumstances change inside with a new contender coming in. A few fans said while expressing their views that it would have been great had the show declared a winner after 100 days. TRP of Bigg Boss may drop as viewers are not liking the twist too much. Many even doubt that the new host Farah may not match the hilarity level as of Salman Khan. All eyes yet struck on the recent happenings in the show.

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