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Disciplined Lifestyle Pivotal to Transform from Fat to Fit, Mentions Research

health checkNew Delhi, Tuesday, March 31 – Flaunting a fit body and waist in mid 30s isn’t easy for the populace due to sudden change in the way to lead lifestyle. A recent study that took into consideration daily routine of hundreds of thousands of people came to a conclusion that discipline plays imperative role in keeping individuals in good physique.

Exercise, intake of food a bit less than originally required by the body, proper sleep of 6 to 8 hours, including power naps, mental peace and positive approach are key to make human existence on the planet full of cheerfulness and glee.

Those who keep an eye on calorie consumption via food and drink are fitter as compared to those who don’t hesitate to gorge anytime they see foodstuffs. It is a misconception that spending extra hours in gym and skipping meals help inhabitants to shed those extra pounds from arms, thighs and stomach. Despite the fact that workout sessions lend a hand in reducing weight, it is not adequate and helps only up to a certain extent.

A good knowledge over nutritional value of various ingredients shows magical effect on skin and body structure. Carefree attitude must be left. Women get lazy post having babies. It becomes hard for them to take out 15 to 20 valuable minutes for themselves. Appearance of a potbelly is faster in men after 35 and this is due to munching oily food without any restriction. Advice of health experts may turn beneficial if followed at right time, keeping in mind strict but balanced diet, the study stated further.

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