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Delhiites Feel Frostiness in Air Despite Day being Sunny

summer 1New Delhi, Tuesday, March 17 – Weather of the metropolitan city, along with many other regions, took a u-turn since the beginning of new month. Sudden showers have not only caused huge trouble for the farmers but also for the common mob. The frostiness inside the rooms has forced populace not to be careless towards their health and keep themselves warm as much as possible.

Blankets which were almost set to be packed for use in winters late this year are once again out. If truth be told, people are in no mood to fall ill when the climatic conditions are in transition phase. And this is the reason why most of them are seen in full sleeve clothes and woolen garments even in March.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that weather has been unpredictable so far in the current month. Hazy sunshine, partially overcast sky and rainfall on more than a few occasions simultaneously create a number of problems for general public to live life without falling ill. Sudden changes in the climate of the national capital have made many feel feverish and suffer from severe cold, cough & respiratory issues. Kids and elderly age inhabitants are among the ones who seek proper treatment, medicine and care to regain good health.

Patients are swarming both government and private hospitals. Health experts find the increasing numbers of the sufferers due to frequently changing weather in Delhi and NCR over a couple of weeks. Regardless of waking up to a sunlit day on Monday, people witnessed dark cloud cover during late evening. Some areas had rainfall as well that lasted for just a few minutes. According to latest reports about weather of the city, sky will get clearer. No sign of cloud is likely to be seen this week. Adequate sunrays are supposed to bring the much-needed comfort back and not likely to be harsh as these were during middle of February.

The nine-day long Navratri festival is probable to start in the midst of sunshine. If truth be told then maximum temperature may rise from 26 degree Celsius to 31 degree Celsius by this weekend and up to 35 degree Celsius early next week. If the forecast turns true then heat may get intolerable by the month-end. Minimum temperature is also expected to be up a few notches from 14 degree Celsius to 19 degree Celsius during the same span of time. Speed of the gust will vary in the range of 14 km per hour to 23 km per hour that is considered to put a ceiling on rising mercury. As of today, there remains zero percent chance for precipitation. However, humidity ratio of 61 percent is foreseen. Wind pace will be 21 km per hour.

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