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Delhi Likely to Wake Up to Partly Cloudy Day this Week; Temperature Yet to Rise

showersNew Delhi, Tuesday, March 24 – Climatic conditions are frequently changing in Delhi these days. After experiencing sunny days at the beginning of this week, people residing in the city and nearby areas are supposed to see partly cloud cover in the sky tomorrow onwards till Friday. Humidity will increase too. Hazy sunshine is anticipated but that’s not going to give people any comfort thanks to high intensity.

The summerlike situations are already here. Many youngsters were seen covering hands and face before stepping out of the house, especially during the noontime. According to the recent reports about the weather of the national capital, maximum and minimum temperatures will fluctuate in the range of 33 degree Celsius to 36 degree Celsius and 19 degree Celsius to 23 degree Celsius, respectively. Wind speed will be up at a snail’s pace from 8 km per hour to 16 km per hour. With zero percent chance of precipitation, it is easy for the general public to expect the rising warmth in the near future.

Rain probability looms as weathermen forecast thunderstorms early next week. If this turns true then weather conditions will improve to a certain extent, letting heat to stay away for few more days. Downpour will help mercury to drop up to a considerable degree but would add to the dampness ratio. The weather so far in March has been tricky and story is likely to continue by the end of this month. The new month is considered to start with a hint of some cold as a result of rainfall chances.

As of today, climate is going to be a little bit hot. Residents might sweat during the daytime if fans aren’t turned on. Morning will be full of shine, however, temperature inside the rooms would be normal. Mild breeze looks ahead to give common man a much-needed comfort in the late hours. If truth be told, everything seems in control at present but closing the eyes to approaching summer doesn’t have any point at this stage. Heat will be at peak in the next quarter in several cities, including Delhi. Inhabitants should start making efforts to protect themselves against the hot conditions, which become intolerable on more than a few occasions due to power cut and absence of room cooling equipments at home.

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