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Daytime Gets Warmer in Delhi; Temperature Probable to Go Up Further

sunshineNew Delhi, Wednesday, March 25 – Summer season is just here. It though took a little bit more time to knock at the doors this year but is finally in. The general public living in Delhi and national capital regions geared up for the another transition in the weather which now lasts for more than 4 to 5 months post the start.

Here is to mention that intense heat and sweat continued to create problems for the masses till late October last year. Even December was hot. The wintry feel came in only in the middle of the month. The key point to worry at this stage is about the extremeness of heat during peak summers.

As per the latest available reports, Delhiites will see maximum temperature going up to 34 degree Celsius and minimum temperature up to 20 degree Celsius on Wednesday. These will further rise to 36 and 23 degree Celsius despite the fact that downpour may lash the city streets on weekend. At present, gust is blowing at an average speed of 8 km per hour which will gain pace up to 21 km per hour on Sunday. Spotted showers are, nonetheless, on the cards, it is not going to make mercury inch down.

Weathermen predicted the continuous rise in temperature with each passing day. In view of the fact that April is supposed to start with some rains, unexpected relief might be felt by the common mob. Humidity will fluctuate in the range of 41 and 47 percent, letting populace slightly sweat during the daytime. Some clouds may partially cover the sky in the late hours that would further add to dampness. If truth be told, people should be all set with room cooling electronic equipments as early as possible to protect themselves against the hotter climatic conditions.

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