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Customers Shell Out Extra Sums on Veggies to Meet Daily Demand

vegetableNew Delhi, Wednesday, January 7 – Winter season is ideally considered best to savor a variety of vegetables thanks to affordable range and original taste. Quality of the kitchen staples increases during this period that makes buyers to purchase eatables in required quantity.

The season is even supposed best for storage and this is the reason why demand for onions and potato increases during peak winter months. Scenario is a tad changed at present as compared to previous years. People are left with no option but to splurge to meet daily demand of the family. Tomatoes which were sold at the price of INR 20 to INR 25 a couple of weeks ago are now being sold in the range of at INR 40 and INR 60. Onions are available in INR 30 to INR 40.

Potatoes, which are vastly used in each household on a daily basis, are sold at INR 30 in the national capital. Cauliflower and beans are at the present usually avoided by the middle and lower class people due to high price. They compromise on the quantity if buy these veggies to delight the taste buds. Sudden increase in the cost has surprised the common man to a great extent.

“We are in a state of confusion and can’t settle on particular items. Every vegetable in the wholesale and retail market seems to be provided a little bit more than the actual price. Household budget is already disturbed”, said a group of homemakers who came along to buy vegetables and fruits.

Vendors hold fog and the recent spell of rain responsible for selling various vegetables at expensive rates, which are burning a hole in the customers’ pocket. Probability of precipitation and smog remains on the cards, nullifying the likelihood of any major decrease in the cost. “Output is yet normal this year, however, supply is not on track as movements of the vehicles got affected due to thick fog cover up till late last week”, said a vegetable seller.

“Conditions are almost similar in Noida, Ghaziabad and Gurgaon where residents are splurging to maintain the deliciousness of the cooked food. We expect things to come in a normal situation where the entire produce is reasonably priced”, he added further.

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