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Curtail Smartphone Use to Keep Kids Healthy and Active, Says Study

phoneNew Delhi, Thursday, March 5 – Many of the studies in the recent past pointed to the harmful effects of excessive cell phone use. And now, here is another research that underscores the result of sticking to mobile screen for a long time.

In an attempt to make young generation extra advance, parents are indirectly making their kids fight with several health issues like poor eyesight, loss of concentration, dryness in eyes etc. Handing cell phones to the little ones to explore what all features have been incorporated to help users alone exposes them to radiations.

Rather than asking children to hold expertise in operating latest gadgets or tablets, the wiser decision would be to develop natural liking for books or outdoor sports in them. Winning online games could be exciting for a moment or two but its permanent outcome could be dangerous and unmanageable for a number of couples. The study noticed the kids who easily get access to use phones get stubborn more as compared to those who don’t. If their request to play games is declined, they start throwing things and show anger on toys etc.

Radiations are harmful even at a time when released at extremely low level. Mature people should also try to use chatting tools only when it is necessary. Needless surfing should be avoided as it kills time and could bring many sleepless nights to the users, the research mentions further.

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