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Common People Face Difficulty to Buy Veggies, Milk thanks to Cash Crunch

rsNew Delhi, Wednesday, November 16 – Household items are everybody’s necessity be it the milk, bread, vegetables and other things. The people who are aware how to use their debit and credit cards, along with net banking services, are yet trying to avoid standing long queues for a number of hours.

Focus is on crossing as many as days possible but it is really getting tough for people belonging to different classes to buy even selected food items that are consumed in each household on a daily basis. Many are buying groceries, snack foods, etc. from the local shops of their colonies.

Shopkeepers are also left with no option but to trust their regular customers. The buyers who are able to get the new INR 2000 are facing the trouble to get the balance. The new currency is, in fact, of no use to many. Vegetable sellers are avoiding giving people veggies without any cash as it is not easy for them to jot down each person’s name and the due amount.

Cash crunch has emerged as one of the common problems in most of the families. Daily wage workers are in huge trouble as well. They are missing their work to make sure to stand in line outside the banks and exchange old currency notes. Many have been asked by their employees to leave their jobs as the employers can’t afford giving them frequent offs.

Problem is for one and all but things are to come on track in a few days. ATM withdrawal limit has been raised to let common people heave a sigh of relief. But not everybody is getting his/her turn to exchange notes. This is the reason why indelible ink is to be use on person’s hand when notes are exchange as similar to the time when votes are cast.

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