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Cold, Flu Increase Number of Patients in Hospitals

coldNew Delhi, Monday, November 14 – Slight up and down in daily temperature have started to make people fall sick. The patients are often keeping doctors busy these days. People often avoid taking medicines when catch cold and flu. Congested chests bother patients a lot.

Over-the-counter decongestant and medicines are usually first choice of the populace to avoid visiting the hospitals. Sinus pain adds to the trouble. Whenever weather changes, even steadily, health is affected. To get rid of falling sick, it is important to opt for careful approach a few weeks before.

It is important to keep body warm when facing symptom of runny nose. Sore throat is another issue that makes things difficult for the populace. Honey and lemon mix in a warm cup of water is helpful to feel some comfort. Hot shower is good to bring body temperature down. In the nutshell, more than a few inhabitants are realizing on home remedies as much as possible. As far as weather is concerned, day will be sunlit. The entire week is supposed to receive plenty of sunshine, offering relief to those spending time under the sun.

Wind speed on Monday is to be 10 km per hour. 29 degree Celsius and 14 degree Celsius are the maximum and minimum temperatures, respectively, during the start of new week. Humidity of 40 per cent is to stay in the atmosphere too. Doctors are having busy time these days, treating patients. Difference between flu and cold is to be noted. High fever must be reported. Cold is often accompanied by mild fever, chills and headache.

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