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Clear Sky in National Capital Brings Slight Soothe for Residents

sunny newNew Delhi, Thursday, March 19 – Post experiencing quick change in weather conditions during early and middle of March, people of Delhi finally got to heave a sigh of relief after finding sky getting clearer. Despite the fact that mild chill in the air stays, compelling many to put on thin layer to avoid any chance of feeling low due to change in climatic conditions, inhabitants are sure winter will not bounce back any further in the coming days.

Weathermen also forecast bright sunshine in the current week. Even though clouds may loom over the skies in the mid of next week, mercury will rise in the last few days of March. If current weather report is to be told then maximum and minimum temperatures are expected to be 28 degree Celsius and 15 degree Celsius, respectively, on Wednesday. These might see an increase of more than a few notches from Friday to Sunday. Temperature will rise up to 35 degree Celsius Tuesday onwards that’s likely to make populace feel the heat of the season for the first time. Speed of the wind will fluctuate in the range of 13 km per hour to 23 km per hour. Humidity is supposed to drop to a certain extent from 51 to 44 percent.

In view of the fact that likelihood of rain doesn’t exist, taking no notice of the probable warmth in the surroundings isn’t possible at all. When the weather is in transition phase, the probability of being down due to seasonal changes is up. This is the reason why team of health experts guide people to be wide awake for their health. In spite of witnessing quick rise and drop in temperature, majority found it good. “If temperature remains a tad low this time, the prospect of experiencing harsh summer a bit late becomes higher. The more we stay away from seeing hot climate, the more comfort we get in the long run”, said a bunch of office goers employed at top multinational companies who have to commute daily to earn their bread and butter via different means of transportation.

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