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Chef Kunal Kapur Takes Kitchen Stars by Surprise in Dubai; Ask them Prepare Food without Water

masterchef latestNew Delhi, Tuesday, March 24 – MasterChef India is a platform that turns dreams into reality. The cookery show gained popularity right from its inaugural year and till date. The season 4 grew bigger given that top contestants were taken to Dubai, which spellbound them through extreme cleanliness, iconic building structures and spots offering unmatched fun.

The Dubai Week Challenge is not going to be easy at all and the talented home cooks got its first hint when chef Kunal Kapur asked them prepare an innovative dish without using a drop of water. After spending the entire day in a way what many even never thought in dream, the kitchen stars were taken by surprise. They probably did not have any idea how food and ingredients of the city taste like. They were given paneer, grape leaves, some ground spices, dried lemon, pomegranate and camel milk to bring an incredible dish on the plate after an hour.

Nikita Gandhi, who lives in Abu Dhabi, used her ‘super shakti’ and saved herself from elimination from this task. Ashish Singh, who serves some Dubai cuisines in his food stall, had some advantage due to some familiarity with provided elements. Neha Deepak Shah was unable to figure out how many pomegranates she should use to get the desired moisture in her cuisine. Almost same difficulty was faced by Meenu Dham & Bhakti Arora, who were lately back in game after wild card entry task.

Problems were unending for Pratibha Kocher who burnt butter in the pan. Vijay Sharma wanted to take idea from sushi roll to make his dish but got puzzled after chefs Ranveer Brar & Sanjeev Kapoor said grape leaves might not work as effectively as a sushi mat he believed earlier. All participants left no stone unturned to stand out and do their bit. It is interesting to watch who are those to stay in Dubai to compete in further challenges and who is the one contender to fly back home along with chef Kunal soon after the first task comes to an end.

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