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Bright Sunshine in Delhi during Noontime Points to Approaching Summer

sunny day newNew Delhi, Friday, March 20 – The spell of winter seems to wind down at least for some months from now since bright sunshine in the national capital pointed to approaching summer season. The unpredictable surroundings in the city from late February till mid-March took inhabitants by surprise. Woolen garments and blankets, which were packed almost in each household for re-use by the end of this year, were taken out to protect body against sudden cold environment.

Weather has been soothing from last couple of days in Delhi. No sign of rain is visible for next few days. As per weathermen, downpour may even not lash the city in April. Sky might get overcast on a number of occasions but days wouldn’t end witnessing rainfall. The information, though, seems a tad comforting at present but would add to heat in the near future.

The start of summer season is apparent thanks to plenty of sunshine these days. If recent reports related to climate of the metropolis are to be jotted down then people will reel under hot climatic conditions soon as maximum temperature of the month is supposed to rise from 28 degree Celsius to 36 degree Celsius and minimum temperature from 16 degree Celsius to 20 degree Celsius. Less precipitation and partly cloud cover will augment humidity. Speed of the wind will gradually slow down, letting the heat to gain grip.

If truth be told, the current climate is ideal in a number of ways. Since the weather is neither too cold, nor too hot at present, many Delhiites make sure they visit popular destinations of the city in the evening to spend good time. Mercury will see a rise of 2 to 3 notches during the weekend that could probably cause slight discomfort for daily commuters due to harshness in the sunrays. With zero percent likelihood of showers, the intensity of heat will sooner or later compel residents stay indoors.

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