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Boiled Veggies Healthier than Fried, Underscores Study

vegetablesNew Delhi, Monday, March 30 – Vegetables comprise essential nutrients required by the body to stay energetic regardless of tight and busy schedules. Its raw form is considered best to eat but many people do not like munching the kitchen staples being uncooked.

A latest study comes to their rescue, highlighting the significance of eating boiled vegetables as much as possible. No frying is good. The more one avoids it, the healthier he becomes despite getting old with each passing year. Use of oil ought to be curtailed. Ghee and butter should be eaten in limited quantity, which could help bones grow properly.

Oil adds to laziness. Those who consume more oil in day to day life are prone to be obese in the long run as compared to those who don’t. For a healthy heart and to avoid strokes at an early age, it is better to be awake before it’s too late.  Conscious decision about health lends a hand to the populace to stay fit for several decades to come. A variety of vegetables must occupy major portion in one’s lifestyle, the study revealed further.

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