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Balanced Diet Indispensable for Expecting Moms

food and healthNew Delhi, Thursday, March 26 – In a women’s life, pregnancy is considered as one of the beautiful phases. Delivering a baby brings lots of changes in girls’ day to day life. They all of a sudden appear to be more grownup. The more one cares while being pregnant, the higher becomes the chance of giving birth to a healthy baby.

Food being an important source of nutrition is needed to be taken in a balanced way by the expecting mothers. Each trimester comes with some difficulty and it is not easy for the ‘moms to be’ to accept sudden changes they figure out within a short span of time. To steer clear of nausea, ladies must start their day with two to three biscuits or a slice of brown bread.

Regular consumption of curd, lukewarm milk with a tablespoon of nutritional supplement, seasonal fruits and an assortment of vegetables will help baby get proper nourishment inside. Rainbow diet, taken as six small meals per day, trims down chances of facing any health complications in the long run.

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