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Almost Clear Skies in Delhi as Smog Slightly Disappears

New Delhi, Friday, November 11 – Last few days were difficult for the masses in Delhi-NCR. Thick layer of smog, which turned thin after some day, was considered hazardous being cause due to bursting of the crackers and burning of paddy stubble. The haze engulfed Delhi letting people strive for cleaner air.

Due to heavy smog, schools in Delhi schools were closed for three days. The schools got reopened on Thursday. The city is heaving a sigh of relief to a certain extent after sun shone brighter and wind blew in pace. This helped in dissipating the haziness from the surroundings.

People are being seen having their morning walks normally. Some smoke in the surroundings might be witnessed but air is supposed to be clean in the coming days. This may help people with breathing problems a little bit. Temperature of the city is to be soothing. As per recent available reports, maximum temperature is to drop from 31 degree Celsius to 27 degree Celsius and minimum temperature from 15 degree Celsius to 13 degree Celsius in a week time.

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