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Ali Quli Mirza Dates Girlfriend; Karishma Tanna Fails to Meet Mother

bb82New Delhi, Thursday, November 27 – A few contenders at the Bigg Boss house had an emotional roller coaster while the ‘app task’ was in progress. Since Upen Patel and Renee Dhyani were the batteries, they need to get it recharged but this time by coloring their hair and not taking a dip in a tub filled with cow dung.

As the model cum actor Upen agreed to go blonde, the battery was recharged up to some extent, enabling Pritam Singh, a radio jockey by profession, to meet his wife and son. The teary eyed Pritam was, though, able to hold the little son, Aditya, in his arms, however, couldn’t get the chance to hug his better half, Aman Jot.

Ali Quli Mirza was also lucky to meet his girlfriend, Gauri. Since he was able to make use of 32 per cent, the Dubai based actor-singer selected a date with her. In the midst of emotional highs and lows, it was Karishma Tanna who break down in tears and cried loudly post failing to meet her mother, who was then present in the confession room.

For the reason that only 22 per cent charge was present during her turn, she was given the opportunity to convince Renee to get her hair colored. The former contestant of MTV Roadies boycotted to do so. After full-on drama and being forced by the other inmates, she agreed to color her long black hair. But when time came for her to make final decision, she refused. Later on, Karishma chose to the make-up offer and got all her beauty enhancing products back. The battery hit zero as remaining 22 per cent were utilized by the taller actress. She made the decision to get all her make-up kit back when the Bigg Boss told her there will be no recharge further. Tanna’s step annoyed a few inmates as the luxury budget task came to an end.

A lot more entertainment and big fights between the participants are to be shown in the coming days, however, the incident that would grab eyeballs is a tight slap of Sonali Raut on the face of Mirza post an argument. ‘The Xpose’ star did something what earlier contestants didn’t do despite having grudges. The TRP of the TV reality show is likely to go up as Mirza would make attempt to carry out something as like Kushal Tandon a year ago when ‘Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai’ actor crossed the boundary of the BB house.

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